Our service is set-apart by and prided upon an excellent standard of ease in communication.


This doesn't mean that you will be able to contact your Property Manager at 2am during the festive holidays, but that's because you won't have to!

As a Company, we believe in and invest heavily in technology. This has allowed us to develop integrated systems that provide Leaseholders with daily, real-time updates on matters relating to their block. Each of our Leaseholders are provided with a secure login to our tailored Online Portal, meaning all that you need for live news on your Block is an internet connection.


We'd urge you to find out more about our Online Portal by clicking here.

Fundamental standards are in place to ensure your critical risks are managed, from strong financial reporting through to a regimented inspection process and tight health and safety management. Regular portfolio reviews and strong internal tracking systems allow us to periodically arrange a ‘health check’ for your development.

But we’re also aware that no two buildings are the same. We’ll ensure that we develop a style of service suited to your block or estate. We tailor the delivery of our service to the needs of your property and we will work closely with directors and other community leaders. Our people know that a different choice of wording or approach to a problem can make all the difference to homeowners. We know that it’s your home or investment that we’re looking after – not ours – and we act accordingly.

Like most Managing Agents, our Block Management services include all of the following:

  • Regular inspections by your Property Manager - our Property Managers are not office-based, but rather they spend all of their time travelling across their portfolio ensuring that a regular presence is felt by the Residents. Each of our Property Managers are equipped with 'Hyphen' branded jackets and nametags.

  • Holding and administering the service charge monies - in accordance with Section 42 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987, we hold each of our Clients service charge monies in seperate ring-fenced bank accounts.

  • Company Secretarial duties - this includes holding the Residents Management Company or Right to Manage Company's registered office at our address. As well as using our registered office, we also deal with all of the statuatory requirements of a RMC or RTM Company.

We also advise each of our Clients to have a Planned Maintenance Programme completed by a Chartered Building Surveyor. A Planned Maintenance Programme will give you a forecast of maintenance work that is likely to be required over the space of the coming 15-20 years and will predict the likely costs associated with carrying out such work. A Planned Maintenance Programme is extremely helpful when budgeting for each financial year, as the Board and their Agent have a qualified document to refer to as guidance when it comes to reserve fund collections.

To find out more about having a Planned Maintenance Plan completed, please contact us and we shall assist you in selecting a Chartered Building Surveyor.



We provide a complete Block Management solution for residential and mixed-use properties, from converted houses to large private housing estates all across the UK.

We act for various types of Clients, including Residents Management Companies, Right to Manage Companies and Freeholders.