Our Mission: To be the go-to Commercial Property Manager, by combining proactive management with a value-add mindset.


Whether you're a commercial Tenant leasing space from a Landlord or a Landlord leasing space to a tenant, we're here to support you in any which way we can. From understanding or writing tenancy agreements and leases to rent and arrears collection, we've got your back. 



At Hyphen, we understand that every client is individual, with a different set of drivers and requirements. We, therefore, offer a flexible and tailored property management approach to effectively and efficiently provide a wholly bespoke solution.


We very much understand the importance of (a) a good tenant and (b) ensuring that those tenants are happy tenants.

As standard, we offer each and every bespoke client our Property Management, Property Accounting, and Client Reporting services. Our Property Management service extends across day-to-day maintenance, service charge, and arrears collection, as well as lease activities. Property Accounting really is seamlessly merged with our Property Management service, ensuring that cash-flow is in tip-top condition. Finally, different clients have different expectations when it comes to financial and tenant reporting. Our Client Reporting service is flexible and inclusive, using the very best dedicated software, our Client Reporting is a perfect compliment to our Property Management service.




Unlike many other agents, our service extends beyond Landlords; we are able to provide an expert arm to tenants too. Perhaps you run a florist or a chain of barbershops and have no experience in negotiating rent reviews or obtaining the Landlord's consent to carry out mid-term layout alterations; that's where we come in. As your agent, we handle any and all lease activities including consents, rent reviews, disputes, notices and much more.

As we are for Landlords, we are also equipped to handle the day-to-day maintenance that is often required in any in-use premises. From urgent electrical or plumbing issues to utilities handling and general decoration/building requirements. Our extensive pool of professional and reliable contractors are always on hand to ensure that your premises are subject to as little disruption as possible. 


As a Tenant of a leased property, you have more than likely experienced the wrath of an obstructive Landlord; with our experienced Commercial Property Management team on your side, you can be assured that the Landlord is being approached with issues or requests professionally and in the correct manner.