We put huge emphasis on the management of contractors working across our portfolio. Using our own tailored processes, we monitor our 'Approved Contractors' performance, costs and workload on a constant basis.

Are you a Contractor that would like to apply to join our Approved Contractors Scheme?

When a Client instructs a Managing Agent, they are also providing the Agent with the licence to appoint contractors on their behalf. This might be a plumber, an electrician, a locksmith, a pump engineer, or even a general handyman for those day-to-day odd-jobs.

In our experience, contractors are often not vetted thrououghly enough in accordance with a strict in-house criteria, making it rather easy for any Tom, Dick or Harry to become an 'Approved Contractor'. 


At Hyphen, we vet our contractors vigourously in order to ensure that they are qualified, compliant, experienced, communicative and, importantly, cost-effective. Each of our Approved Contractors have successfully completed their application to work across our portfolio and each of them do so with the utmost professionalism and the highest level of workmanship.


How many Approved Contractors are on our list right now?

Less than 20 contractors currently form part of our Approved list, with around 5 applications ongoing at present. We never approve more than three contractors working in the same trade at any one time; this allows us to maintain a healthy workflow between three competing contractors, ensuring that contractors are kept incentivised and hungry to perform to the standards expected across our portfolio.

How and when do Hyphen pay their Approved Contractors?

Approved Contractors are always paid by Bank Transfer, within 7 working days, upon receipt of a valid invoice. Alongside a valid invoice, contractors must submit photographs and a completion report for the relevant work completed on each and every occassion. 

You might ask why we pay our contractors so quickly following completion of their work; this is because, as a Company, we value the tireless work of our Approved Contractors. We have fantastic working-relationships with our Approved Contractors, which can often benefit our Client enormously in various scenarios.

Do Hyphen take a commission on Minor or Major Works?

Certainly not. In accordance with ARMA regulations, we are not permitted to take commissions on services rendered to our Clients via our Approved Contractors, nor do we have any 'off-the-record' agreements in place with our Approved Contractors. Hyphen are a fully compliant Company working solely with the best interests of our Clients at heart.

Using the button below, you may Contact Us at any time whatsoever to find out more about how we manage our Approved Contractors.