We're not part of a group. We don't have a sister maintenance company, or a sister building surveying company, we're simply Block Managers.

That means we don't have targets to hit for multiple interconnected companies, meaning we will never look to drain revenue from our clients.

Most Block Management companies are linked to a series of 'sister' companies, such as a Property Maintenance Company, or a Building Surveying Company.

At Hyphen, we manage Residential Property and that is it. No ulterior motives, no conflicts of interest, just Residential Block Management.

Whilst it can seem an attractive prospect to instruct a company which can, on paper, handle 'every aspect' of your building in-house, it can often work out to be far less than cost-effective. Having witnessed this first-hand, we chose to steer clear of this model and focus solely on developing and improving our Block Management services.

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